Our company brings with it more than 20 years of experience in engineering project management, team leading, validation, and the establishment or adaptation of laboratories (biological, chemical, and electronic), production complexes, clean rooms, and offices. We are highly experienced in providing a full range of engineering services, including specification, planning, procurement of machinery and equipment, construction and adaptation of supporting systems, operation, and testing, including document production and compliance with local regulation (GMP and FDA).

Enginity provides an all-encompassing coverage of the projects, from the planning stage to the establishment or adaptation of laboratories, clean rooms, production complexes, logistics centers, offices, process equipment, and support systems.

Our specializations enable us to tailor the projects to the unique needs of each of our customers. We are committed to full cooperation and to leading projects with professionalism, integrity, and reliability until the successful completion of the project to the customer’ full satisfaction throughout, as well as after, the process.

Why us?

We are here to listen to your needs, to fulfill your expectations, to implement your demands, and to achieve a leading partnership for the success of the project.

We strive for excellence, and all our workmanship is of the highest standard and uncompromised quality.

We are thoroughly familiar with all aspects and nuances of the CleanTech world.

We have extensive experience in the fields of infrastructure and process equipment.

We believe that a well-managed, successful project is based on a combination of these three principles:

  • Meeting the project schedule
  • Sticking to the project budget
  • Maintaining top quality

Tzahi Ronen

MBA, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
20 years of experience in engineering management, leading multidisciplinary projects. Establishing and management of the validation department.
I specialized in each of the techno-engineering needs required for small and large companies.

I led the Engineering management & Engineering projects. Through a broad and comprehensive look of the entire manufacturing / development chain, with an engineering response to all the needs of one or the other solution.

I prepared and led the Engineering, Maintenance, Calibration and Validation departments and successfully presented them to the GMP European audits.

During my years I worked on analysis and providing engineering solutions to the challenges facing the company, purchasing machinery, characterization, expansion utilities, architectural solutions, construction of production sites and quality testing sites (animal house), construction of laboratories, design of overseas factories, due diligence processes and management of a global engineering project.

My experience brings knowledge and practical practice in building maintenance systems including writing procedures, preventative maintenance, proactive maintenance PdM and significantly reducing Breakdown maintenance

Establishing a validation department starting with defined procedures while integrating them into the plant’s work, writing protocols that meet regulation, execution validation, and validation for ongoing work supporting client needs.

I was part of the steering committee for new ISO standard
ISO 22519:2019 ”Purified Water and Water for Injection pre-treatment and production systems”