Project Managing

Technological or knowledge-intensive projects are a complicated, intricate matter. Management of such projects while adhering to proper professional standards requires ingenuity, unique experience, extensive knowledge, orderliness, and responsibility. The same is true for projects of planning and establishment or adaptation of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices for various high-tech fields. Today,  solutions are needed in a variety of domains in the CleanTech industry, from FoodTech and pharmaceuticals to medical devices. Most often, engineers, doctors, and researchers, who are the users of the laboratories or clean rooms, are not aware of the technical and engineering requirements that are involved in the process of planning and construction of these spaces. Questions such as how to design laboratories, manufacturing complexes, offices, and rooms in a manner that precisely meets the requirements, what equipment is needed in them, how to test them after construction to verify they comply with the highest standards, and many others issues can be effectively addressed only by a professional entity that knows how to manage such projects from A to Z.

Laboratory, clean room, and manufacturing site project management services

Managing projects of planning and setting up or adapting clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices is no small matter for any organization. Enginity P.M. Ltd. specializes in managing these types of projects. Our company is highly knowledgeable in the design, construction, equipment, procurement, acceptance, validation, and inspection of these facilities. During the collaboration between us, our team will collect from you all the relevant information and will help you convert it into milestones and defined engineering documents that will allow the project to start.

Among others, we are skilled at writing and editing initial and concept design documents, including BOD, URS, Block Diagrams, specifications, and other documentation required for the characterization and specification of the laboratory, production complex, offices, or production complex. Next, we delve into the definition of the baseline and detailed design that take into consideration all pertinent parameters, including the integration of consultants, such as safety, electricity, plumbing, and other professionals  that are essential for various aspects of the planning process. Upon completion of the design, we provide you with all the services required for execution – from managing tenders and agreements with all the execution contractors to supervising the construction and delivery of the finished facility. In addition, our company has the know-how for providing assistance in setting up a maintenance system for the facility.

Enginity P.M. Ltd. puts the best of engineering solutions at your disposal

Our company was founded by one of the best and most experienced experts in Israel in the areas of production complexes, laboratories, offices, and clean rooms. This enables us to understand the customer needs in depth and broaden their familiarity with, and understanding of, their own needs. Our capabilities allow us to represent the customer when dealing with all involved professionals and ensure a best-quality product that  meets the customer needs. In fact, we offer across-the-board, inclusive management services, allowing the customer peace of mind throughout the process, at the end of which we deliver a complete facility ready for work.

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