Maintenance Management

Advanced technologies that require precision and controlled conditions of the highest standards now dominate all areas of life. Therefore, today more than ever, many companies from a wide range of industries need spaces that allow for a controlled, sterile work environment. If in the past labs, manufacturing complexes, and clean rooms were needed mainly in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medicine, scientific research, and food, today we meet these requirements in the production, research, and development processes of a much wider range of mostly knowledge-intensive industries, from the world of CleanTech and FoodTech to chip factories, software houses, and medical equipment manufacturers. But despite the extensive professional expertise that these companies possess, they often need additional, dedicated professionals to serve their specific needs. The establishment of the clean spaces within the organization is only the starting point. To ensure that the new infrastructure serves the customer the best way possible, it is important to make sure that experts from the company, or ones that we will recruit for the task, provide ongoing maintenance services.

What do maintenance management services include?

Enginity P.M. Ltd.  accompanies customers in a variety of industries, from the requirement specification and system design stages to the ongoing maintenance of all components. We believe, that proper maintenance of production complexes, laboratories, and clean rooms are the key to success in all tasks,  guaranteeing sustainable processes that maintain reliability for many years to come. During our collaboration, we will help you establish a comprehensive and multidisciplinary maintenance system that will ensure unmatched standards:

  • We will write procedures that are tailored to your needs and that will comply with industry standards, while brainstorming with you and conducting an in-depth study of the unique characteristics of your development and production processes.
  • We will specify all of your tasks and instructions and outline operating and maintenance guidelines that will fully cover your needs and ensure that the infrastructure functions at its best.
  • We will connect you with leading professionals in the field who have unparalleled expertise and who will provide you with all the necessary maintenance and repair services.

We invite you to gain from the Enginity experience

To make the most of your sterile environments, we invite you to obtain reliable and knowledgeable guidance from leading professional authorities in the field. Enginity P.M. Ltd. has been engaged for many years in rendering design, construction, maintenance, and quality control services for production complexes, laboratories, and clean rooms in a variety of industries. Together, we will plan and set up the infrastructure that will allow you to enjoy precise processes that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

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