Engineering Support

Many companies and organizations in Israel and around the world possess unique knowledge that lies, among others, in the realms of HighTech, software, medicine, medical equipment, FoodTech, and pharmaceuticals. All these organizations share a need for setting-up labs or clean rooms to develop and test their products. However, despite the vast knowledge that these companies have and despite the fact that the staff and management, from engineers and physicians to researchers, hold an immense amount of skills and know-how, it is not entirely sufficient when it comes to planning and setting up a laboratory, clean room, production complex, or any specification for the purchase of process equipment or support systems. These processes require extensive professional knowledge that is founded on many years of experience and that is at the forefront of technology to ensure the most suitable, cost-effective solution.

Establishing a complete construction system, staffed by experienced professionals, including engineers, consultants, construction staff, maintenance personnel, and a variety of other experts can be extremely complex. To benefit from the most comprehensive and professional solution, the most appropriate approach would be to hire the services of a company that specializes in the subject and that can provide all the engineering support services necessary for such projects.

Engineering support services of the highest standards

Engineering projects require professional expertise and many years of experience in the relevant fields of specialization. From the precise specification of requirements to the comprehensive and detailed planning of all phases of the project, the professional knowledge embedded in Enginity P.M. Ltd. will provide support that meets your needs and serve as the key to the success of your processes.

Projects of this type comprise unique aspects and require in-depth understanding in areas that are outside the scope of the organization’s or company’s operation. Even if a level of knowledge in this specific field does exist, it is usually limited to certain topics  and does not sufficiently cover all aspects of the planning enterprise.

The ideal solution for end-to-end engineering support

Engineering support comprises a wide range of services, including writing engineering documents that address the subjects of specifications, requirement definition, BOD, and URS, definition of various designs and plans, selection of contractors and suppliers for execution, supervision and management of construction, automation, and more. We, at Enginity P.M. Ltd., serve as a one-stop-shop that offers vast experience and in-depth know-how in engineering support services that cater for all aspects of the project, from the design stage to ongoing maintenance.

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