Today more than ever, numerous industries have a need for the design and construction or adjustment of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices. From the areas of pharmaceuticals and medical cannabis to the food industry, cultured food, and medical equipment, sterile spaces and the controlled conditions they provide play a critical role in the production and development processes for many companies. Such developments, which today accelerate technological advancement dramatically, require extraordinary and rich knowledge, first-rate expertise, and professionalism, as well as a constant pursuit of innovation and creativity. However, although companies in these areas are home to brilliant talent, they do not always possess the knowledge necessary for managing the engineering planning required for the design, adaptation, and setting up of the needed facility. Therefore, at these moments, it is important that a skilled and knowledgeable external body, whose expertise it is to lead these planning processes, be at your disposal.

Enginity P.M. Ltd. provides companies with comprehensive planning management

Enginity P.M. Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in providing planning management services for projects of laboratories, clean rooms, production complexes, and laboratories, ensuring that the unique needs of your work processes are translated into planning and execution processes in the best way possible, and that you can enjoy the ideal set-up for your requirements. With us, you have the most comprehensive solution to the planning process, which is at the heart of the project.

The planning process includes three main stages:  general / conceptual planning, basic planning, and detailed planning. The general / conceptual planning is the starting point. At this stage, we translate the client’s needs to engineering documents. The basic and detailed planning stages include itemized consultant planning that is suitable to the project at hand. This may refer, for example, to safety, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing consultants, and others. At the end of this phase, a bill of quantities is produced, as well as an estimate for the execution phase. Throughout the planning phase, you will be accompanied by skillful and experienced engineers, who will provide you with ongoing support and handle all of the engineering and technical requirements of your company. They will manage the planners, and the process will produce an accurate planning package tailored to your needs. We do not disappear at the end of the planning phase, and of course, we accompany the execution phase to make sure that what is planned is actually implemented.

Optimal adaptation of the equipment and mechanization to your needs

We provide design and procurement services for equipment and machinery and adapt all the supporting systems to the needs of your company. All this, while conducting ongoing operational inspections, preparing all the necessary documents, validating, and complying with the relevant regulations – from local standards to the FDA and GMP.

Tailored engineering solutions

Our uncompromising pursuit of excellence guides us at every step along the planning stage. Our extensive knowledge of the full range of engineering needs in various industries enables us to advise you and come up with the right, optimal design for you, while taking into account future expansion. The requirements that we will identify in the field are the ones that will pave the way for the planning processes and provide you with a solution that is tailor-made to your organization’s needs.

To harness the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Enginity P.M. Ltd. to your project, we invite you to contact us today.

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