Many companies in various fields require the design, construction, or adjustment of a clean room, laboratory, manufacturing complex, or offices. This endeavor should not be taken lightly and must be managed meticulously. A significant contributing factor to the success of such a project is the quality, formulation, and accuracy of the set of documents that serve as the basis on which the project is run.  In practice, the better the quality of the documentation, the higher the chances of the project’s success.

Why is documentation so important to the project?

Clear and precise documents promote the understanding of all parties involved in the project. When documents are well drafted, uniformity and clarity regarding the customer requirements can be achieved. Documents must be unambiguously formulated and well-defined in every project and especially in projects of planning and construction or adjustment of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices, which need to comply with strict standards. Moreover, the use of clear and informative documents shortens and optimizes planning time.

Projects involving the design and construction or adjustment of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices are intricate and demanding. One must understand the customer requirements, offer professional advice and insights regarding various aspects of the project, and know how to adapt the laboratory or clean room to the product or development at hand. Furthermore, the right suppliers, consultants, and contractors must be carefully selected, and the planning and construction processes must be well managed. Appropriate and clear documentation produced for each of the project stages may ensure that all these aspects of the project are effectively carried out.  Beyond expertise in the design and construction or adaptation of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices, Enginity P.M. Ltd  brings with it in-depth knowledge and rich experience in writing clear project documents that enable optimization and successful completion of the project.

Professional know-how of all document types

Be it BOD,URS, Block Diagram, or program documents, definition and specification of the requirements form the basis for a proper planning process and adequate documentation. That is why we are extremely careful about identifying and verifying the customer needs in the most rigorous way, a process in which we convert these needs into engineering documents. Planning and construction documents, including general planning, basic planning, and detailed planning documentation, assist the various architects, contractors, and consultants, for example electricity, plumbing, and air conditioning professionals, to perform their work in a proficient and effective manner. Proper documentation also includes status and follow-up documents, as well as a wide range of additional important documents, including ones intended  for the company’s future needs, maintenance, reviews, repairs, improvements, upgrades, future expansion of an existing laboratory, or the setting-up of a new laboratory.

Professional accompaniment in all aspects of your project

Enginity P.M. Ltd. has expertise in planning, construction, project management – from initial planning to execution – and establishment of a maintenance infrastructure for laboratories, production complexes, offices, and clean rooms.

As part of these services, Enginity manages the planning stages while taking great care to produce accurate and top-quality documents, as these constitute a crucial component in any project, and especially in complex projects in the areas of laboratories, production complexes, offices and clean rooms.

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