Laboratory Consultancy

Many companies, whether established or startups, are in need of laboratories, clean rooms, or production complexes for various purposes and for either continuous or partial use.

The need for laboratories, clean rooms, and production complexes is also prevalent among other organizations such as research institutes, universities, and health services. However, despite the extensive and in-depth knowledge that these bodies possess in their areas of expertise, they often approach the process with limited knowledge in the field of planning and construction. Although the requirements of the desired laboratory are known, companies do not always know how to translate their needs to engineering and architectural documents that can be applied to the actual construction of the laboratory, clean room, or production complex. In the construction and planning process, many questions arise – from the appropriate type of equipment to be used to the suitable design of the space and its adaptation to the operations and instrumentation to be utilized. Enginity P.M. Ltd. brings with it in-depth and multidisciplinary engineering knowledge that provides companies with a complete response to their needs. With diverse, comprehensive, and inclusive laboratory consulting services, the process can be managed with peace of mind. To understand the importance of consulting services, we should start from the beginning – explain what a laboratory is.

So what is a lab, really?

A laboratory, or lab, is a dedicated place that is characterized, in many aspects, by a controlled environment and that is meticulously adapted to the specific needs of the company and the laboratory’s intended purpose. Thus, for example, a lab used for developing a technological product is very different from a biological or medical research lab.

The advantage of Enginity P.M. LTD

We are a professional engineering team with multidisciplinary knowledge and extensive experience in all the areas involved in planning, setting up, and operating  laboratories, clean rooms, and production complexes . Our in-depth understanding of the subject matter and our familiarity with a wide range of professional needs allow us to provide services that are tailored to the customer’s unique demands. We provide laboratory consulting services from A to Z. Throughout the entire process, we serve as the customer’s right hand, helping them to understand the requirements in all aspects of the project. We translate these requirements into practical documents that constitute a fertile ground for the advanced design stages, where various consultants are involved, for example electricity, plumbing, control, safety, and air conditioning experts, as well as execution contractors. We accompany the project throughout the process of laboratory construction, offering supervision, inspection, and full compatibility between the design and implementation. In addition, at the end of the project, we are available for setting up ongoing maintenance procedures at the highest professional standards.

Ongoing or focused accompaniment

We render a comprehensive service, at the end of which the company or organization is provided with a laboratory, clean room, or production complex that is complete and ready for use. Although it is preferrable that we manage the whole process, you can also benefit from our consulting services at particular points in the project, gaining valuable insights into the specific aspects at hand. Either way, these are top-notch lab consulting services that save resources and allow for peace of mind as far as the laboratory is concerned.

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Laboratory Consultancy

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