What is a clean room and CEO interview

Construction of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices to the highest standards Technological development is gaining momentum in all aspects of life. The Covid crisis we have experienced in the last two years does not stand in the way of progress either, and even serves as a fertile ground for innovation. The worsening climate […]


Many companies in various fields require the design, construction, or adjustment of a clean room, laboratory, manufacturing complex, or offices. This endeavor should not be taken lightly and must be managed meticulously. A significant contributing factor to the success of such a project is the quality, formulation, and accuracy of the set of documents that […]

Project Managing

Technological or knowledge-intensive projects are a complicated, intricate matter. Management of such projects while adhering to proper professional standards requires ingenuity, unique experience, extensive knowledge, orderliness, and responsibility. The same is true for projects of planning and establishment or adaptation of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices for various high-tech fields. Today,  solutions are […]

Maintenance Management

Advanced technologies that require precision and controlled conditions of the highest standards now dominate all areas of life. Therefore, today more than ever, many companies from a wide range of industries need spaces that allow for a controlled, sterile work environment. If in the past labs, manufacturing complexes, and clean rooms were needed mainly in […]

Engineering Support

Many companies and organizations in Israel and around the world possess unique knowledge that lies, among others, in the realms of HighTech, software, medicine, medical equipment, FoodTech, and pharmaceuticals. All these organizations share a need for setting-up labs or clean rooms to develop and test their products. However, despite the vast knowledge that these companies […]

Laboratory Consultancy

Many companies, whether established or startups, are in need of laboratories, clean rooms, or production complexes for various purposes and for either continuous or partial use. The need for laboratories, clean rooms, and production complexes is also prevalent among other organizations such as research institutes, universities, and health services. However, despite the extensive and in-depth […]


Validation, a concept originating in the field of research,  enables the examination and assessment  of whether something actually fulfills the function it is intended to perform. The notion has been borrowed from the sphere of research and has been implemented in many domains, including process equipment, computer support systems, HighTech, and more. Naturally, validation was […]


Today more than ever, numerous industries have a need for the design and construction or adjustment of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, and offices. From the areas of pharmaceuticals and medical cannabis to the food industry, cultured food, and medical equipment, sterile spaces and the controlled conditions they provide play a critical role in the […]