Construction of clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes and offices to the highest standards

Technological development is gaining momentum in all areas of life. The Covid crisis we have experienced in the last two years does not stand in the way of progress either, and is even a fertile ground for innovation. The worsening climate crisis and population growth are creating new challenges, requiring rethinking and technological developments that will form the food of the future and allow the world population to be fed.

The traditional methods familiar to us today will not be able to satisfy the needs of the future and therefore companies that are deep and invest in development and innovation can be the ones to advance the future and be a part of future generations.

In recent years, and in the shadow of these crises, solutions have been developed in the field of medical technology, medical devices,Food Tech and pharmaceuticals. In these areas and many others, laboratories, production complexes and clean rooms are often required. 

The new developments and the need for modern and advanced technology create the need to build production complexes, laboratories and clean rooms from the greenhouse stage to the mass production stages.

Establishing laboratories, clean rooms, production complexes, offices of various sizes and technologies requires skilled, experienced and knowledgeable personnel in the planning, management and construction stages – ones that will be able to include all the needs and engineering documents and manage a successful construction project, professional quality, adapted to customer needs while maintaining the three pillars of planning – schedule, budget, quality. 

This is a complex project that requires engineering, technical, in-depth and complex knowledge, which also includes a dedicated professional skill in the field. From the required infrastructure to industry-accepted standards, the partners in the process of establishing the sterile spaces in the organization are critical to meticulous manufacturing and packaging processes. To learn more about the field, we spoke with Tzachi Ronen, director and owners of the company Enginity P.M. Ltd., specializing in project management and establishing for its customers clean rooms, laboratories, production complexes, logistics centers and offices for many years. 

So what is a clean room

A clean room is a controlled area required to maintain a certain particle and microbial level. that access to it is limited and those entering it are required for a meticulous and clean dressing procedure, among other things we use HEPA absolute filters, advanced HVAC marking systems, using different working pressures, appropriate humidity level and temperature. These measures and more are required to ensure that the level of cleanliness in the room will be absolute, without any foreign particles. This is a clean space whose degree is derived from the product that is manufactured / developed in this room. All this is built and operated in order to maintain and produce a protected and proper area for production, testing and development processes.

What uniqueness does Engineity P.M. bring to this fieldM. Ltd. you set up? 

For more than 20 years, I worked in the leading companies in the economy, including about 10 years in nature and another more than 10 years at Fibro, in various management positions. As part of my role, I was entrusted, among other things, with the establishment of a large number of clean rooms of varying degrees and laboratories and was responsible for their day-to-day functioning. Over the years, I have recognized that there is a growing need for clean labs and rooms but a lack of planning and engineering knowledge on how to set them up and adapt them to customer needs. Moreover, sometimes even the customer team does not have enough what is required for their day to day operations and how this can be achieved. 

These insights and the vast experience with various companies from the engineering and technology front, led me to establish Enginity P.M. in 2019 M. Ltd. The company provides the full range of services related to the design, construction, fittings and supervision for the construction of clean rooms from A to Z. To ensure we can provide a solution that is precisely tailored to the customer’s needs, we conduct an in-depth interview and translate the customer’s needs into engineering and technical requirements. This allows us to characterize and translate together with the customer and for him all his needs. We detail these requirements and definitions for engineering documents and later lead the planning management to a written quantity with which the contractors and actual construction tender can be approached. We have the ability and knowledge to supervise the execution of the design, construction and delivery work of the laboratory or clean room. 

For us, the project does not end with the delivery of the facility to the customer, and we offer additional services that allow the customer a good and proper work experience with follow-up services, characterized by construction and construction of a system for proper and regular maintenance of the facility, since it is known that preventive maintenance and control of the system saves a lot of money in fracture faults and unnecessary fault time.

In addition, we provide validation and execution protocol writing services for process equipment, support systems and computing.

The company is very flexible and allows the customer to choose the service that suits them. Whether it is a complete package in which we serve as the client’s right hand, in which he meets us at the beginning of the design and at the end of the construction of the laboratory or clean room, or in individual toilets, specific packages from what I have described.

Words to summarize?

We provide a unique, comprehensive and complete service to companies in the cleantech industry ranging from engineering companies and startups.Throughout the process, we prioritize the customer’s needs and provide him with technical knowledge acquired over decades to ensure that he has at the forefront of technological development in the field.

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